Freedom Lessons   Eileen Harrison Sanchez

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Pub Date: November 12, 2019

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256 pages

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Louisiana, 1969. Colleen, a white northern teacher, enters into the unfamiliar culture of a small southern town and its unwritten rules as the town surrenders to mandated school integration. Frank, a black high school football player, protects his family with a secret. And Evelyn, an experienced teacher and prominent member of the local black community, must decide whether she’s willing to place trust in her new white colleague.

Told alternately, by Colleen, Frank, and Evelyn, Freedom Lessons is the story of how the lives of these three purportedly different people intersect in a time when our nation faced, as it does today, a crisis of race, unity, and identity. 

Based on the author’s experience teaching in Louisiana, this heartfelt, unflinching novel about the unexpected effects of school integration during that time takes the reader back to the Deep South in the 1960’s era of marches and protests. 

Eileen Harrison Sanchez is now retired after a forty-year career in education. She started as a teacher and ended as a district administrator. A reader, a writer, and a perennial―a person with a no-age mindset―Sanchez considers family and friends to be the most important parts of her life, followed by traveling and bird watching from her gazebo. Freedom Lessons is her first published novel. 

"Inspired by the author’s real-life experiences, Freedom Lessons is a candid and nuanced novel about a young Northern woman who spends a year teaching in the 1960s Jim Crow South. In the process, she learns more about herself and her country than she ever expected. Freedom Lessons is illuminating and gripping, and a worthy addition to the literature of the civil rights era."
~Amy Hill Hearth, New York Times and Washington Post best-selling author of Having Our Say and recipient of two American Library Association Notable Book citations.  

Readers interested in social justice will recognize the unfairness of prejudice. This is the small story of the lives of three purportedly different people. It tells the bigger story of a time when our nation faced, as it does today, a crisis of race, unity and identity. It is a fictionalized version of events that others and I experienced in 1969 during a period of overnight mandated school integration. 

I am proud to be published by She Writes Press, the 2019 Indi Publisher of the Year and to be nationally distributed by Ingram Publishing Services. Freedom Lessons is available through Barnes & Noble, IndiBound, Amazon, Baker & Taylor and wherever books are sold online, bookstores and libraries.  

My life’s work has been as an advocate for free, appropriate and respectful educational opportunities for all students. I have served in segregated and integrated public schools. I am retired after a forty-year career that started as a classroom teacher and ended as a district administrator. 

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